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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the water heated and where does it come from?

No, the water we carry is not heated. It is purchased from the City of Winnipeg Water Department.


Q: Do I have to have a minimum amount before you can deliver to my house?


There is no minimum amount of water. The price depends on the amount of time and/or distance traveled for delivery.


Q: Do you deliver on certain days and will you make special trips if necessary?


Regular full time residential customer are scheduled Monday to Friday. We schedule certain areas on specific days for efficiency but we can make special trips if necessary.


Pool deliveries are based upon availability of trucks


Q: I live on a gravel road outside of the city, can I still get my water delivered?


We deliver anywhere unless your road is governed by spring weight restrictions, the amount of water delivered is based upon level of restriction. Spring weight restrictions normally run from March 15 - May 20 these dates vary in different jurisdictions, and from year to year. Call or email us for details or check with your local municipality, City of Winnipeg, or Province of Manitoba depending on location.


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