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PTLevel Device

At Lee's Water we strive to find economical and efficient solutions to take the worry out of water delivery.

We are introducing the PTLevel to all of our new and existing customers. 

Take the stress out of monitoring your water supply by letting us do it for you. Through the PTLevel we can get the reading of your cistern at any time. Alerts will be sent when your tank is low so that we can deliver water to you when you need it. No more scheduling and guessing. It doesn't matter if you are at home, on a beach or at a Jets game your water is taken care of without you having to worry about it. 

The PTLevel is a wireless device that allows us and you to monitor the level of your cistern on any smart device, tablet or computer. Alerts in the form of text messages or emails automatically communicate when preset levels are reached.

Installation is quick and easy taking anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Plus we do it for you. 

Prices start at $350.00 including the cost of installation. Financing options available.

If you are interested please contact us at (204) 791-9414,, message us on Facebook or fill out the form below using the subject PTLevel Device.

For a more in depth look at the advantages of the PTLevel click below

What is A PTLevel

Installation and Price


More Information


Contact Us about PTLevel Devices

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