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The Advantages of a PTLevel Device

1. Will Reduce The Chance of Running Out Of Water

The PTLevel will warn of unexpected water leaks, such as a top or toilet leaking. When an alert is received, via the communication system, the customer will be made aware that there is something wrong and can then stop/fix the leak. From an environmental and economical point of view, this "saves" by not using excess water.

The device will allow you to power down your water pump before the cistern runs dry which will save money by not having to replace your water pump as well as the inconvenience of having to change it.

2. Know The Amount of Water In The Cistern At Any Time

Should you receive unexpected guests for the weekend, want to fill a hot tub, or water the garden/yard, you will always be aware of how much water is available to complete these extra tasks.

3. Minimum Charge Deliveries

Because Lee's Water will be able to monitor your water level, we will not deliver until your tank reaches a level where a delivery is necessary.

4. Tanks That Are Breached By Ground Water

The PTLevel can advise you if your tank maybe leaking in ground water. If your water level does not reduce and you are using water, this would indicate ground water is entering your tank. This monitoring will protect you from using unsanitary water. 

5. Environmentally Friendly

By reducing water truck deliveries to your home, and increasing the amount of water delivered each delivery, we are helping the environment by making the delivery more efficient


6. Save The Amount Of Times A Delivery Truck Is On Your Driveway

The water truck is heavy. You can reduce the number of times it is on your driveway as we will only deliver when you need water. You can reduce the cost of your driveway maintenance

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